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Walnoot in Ribe

22 februari 2022 17:27
Van de facebook pagina: Northern Emporium

We literally went nuts today when we received news from the radiocarbon lab. During excavation, we found this fragment of a walnut shell in some of the earliest strata from Ribe, more than half a century before the beginning of the Viking-age. Walnuts didn't grow in Denmark, so this snack would have travelled from the Frankish lands. But doubt kept nagging: could this be a modern shell, which had blown into have excavation trench? The radiocarbon, however, was decisive: this is the earliest find of a walnut in Scandinavia!

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Walnoot in Ribe

Lolke 22 februari 2022 17:27

Re: Walnoot in Ribe

Dagobert 23 februari 2022 00:00

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