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Re: Data Station Archaeology

16 augustus 2022 16:23
Ik hang mijn linkjes hier maar even in deze draad:



This Element was written to meet the theoretical and methodological challenge raised by the third science revolution and its implications for how to study and interpret European prehistory. The first section is therefore devoted to a historical and theoretical discussion of how to practice interdisciplinarity in this new age, and following from that, how to define some crucial, but undertheorized categories, such as culture, ethnicity and various forms of migration. The author thus integrates the new results from archaeogenetics into an archaeological frame of reference, to produce a new and theoretically informed historical narrative, one that also invites debate, but also one that identifies areas of uncertainty, where more research is needed.

Erg theoretisch, maar misschien van interesse?

En hier het betoog van een Germanist voor oog voor het gezichtspunt van de immigranten



This dissertation consists of an investigation of the historical and sociolinguistic implications of some of the linguistic data that have been preserved from Merovingian Gaul. The data that was investigated here mainly consisted of Romance and Germanic lexis, which is the outcome of earlier lexical exchange (borrowing) between Germanic, Romance and Celtic. The central aim of this dissertation was to provide an overview of the linguistic and extra-linguistic factors that were involved in this lexical exchange, and thereby contribute to our knowledge of the Merovingian vernaculars in particular and Merovingian society in general. On a more general level, this study provides an overview of how linguistic data might complement the archaeological and historical frameworks, that are used to understand the transition from Roman to Merovingian Gaul. Special attention is paid to the Merovingian redactions of the Salic Law, both as a unique historical witness to everyday life in post...

In de tweet waarin ik op deze publicatie werd gewezen, raadde de auteur vooral hoofdstuk één aan voor geïnteresseerde leken.
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Data Station Archaeology

Dagobert 19 juli 2022 09:44

Re: Data Station Archaeology

Erik Springelkamp 16 augustus 2022 16:23

Re: Data Station Archaeology

Dagobert 17 augustus 2022 11:36

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